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Thai surgeons reject cosmetic castration ban!

By Marianne Kearney / Asian Sex Gazette

August 20, 2008

JAKARTA – Thailand’s plastic surgery clinics have vowed to defy a recent government ban on performing castrations, saying they will continue to offer sex change operations in the country famous for its “ladyboys”.

Earlier this month, the Thai health minister, Chaiya Sasomsab, issued a directive banning the operation after rights groups complained about the botched castration of an under-age boy in the northern city of Chiang-Mai.

But in direct defiance of the ban, the chief surgeon at the Pratunum Clinic – one of Thailand’s top transgender clinics in Bangkok – has called on anyone wanting a castration to come to his clinic.

“I want them to be happy with what they want to be, and will remove their unwanted organs,” Dr Thep Wetwisit said.

He also criticised the ban as ridiculous and dangerous.

“They have banned castrations but not sex change operations. But to do a sex change operation you have to remove the testes,” he told The Telegraph.

He said many of the clinics in Bangkok would continue to provide this important service, because if they didn’t potential patients would only visit underground, unlicensed clinics.

A government clinic in Chang Mai is also keeping its doors open to those wanting to go under the knife.

Bangkok has become an international centre famous for sex change operations, breast augmentation, liposuction, and various types of plastic surgery, with transvestites from all over the Asia, and even the UK, Australia and the US visiting Thailand for transgender operations.

A local paper estimates that as many as 10,000 clinics and 300 private hospitals in Thailand offer sex change operations, sometimes for as little as 4,000 baht or £64.

Dr Wetwisit admitted the operation could be dangerous. He said many clinics were unlicensed and that websites in the UK frequently warned people not to travel to Thailand for the operation.

But he said as a licensed physician, he had performed hundreds of sex change operations, without any complaints, since offering the procedure at his Pratunum Clinic four years ago.

His list of clients includes patients from the UK, including from Manchester, Australia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Local media reports say the sex re-assignment surgery has become a routine operation and there are fears that it has become trendy among many young gay or transsexual men.

“Many youths may misunderstand the situation and see transgenderism as a fad. But the irreversible procedure may later become nothing but a grave mistake,” warned Jetsada Taesombat from the South-East Asian Consortium on Gender, Sexuality and Health in an opinion piece in local paper, The Nation.

Dr Wetwisit said the solution was to issue a ban only for under-age boys.

He said if the health minister failed to revoke the ban, he would take the minister to the administrative court.