Ladyboys can’t have babies!

"The Pill" is not just for "girls" anymore.

“The Pill” is not just for “girls” anymore.

It has long been a mystery as to why ladyboys can’t get pregnant. Well my friends, today I will take the veil off of this secret that has been passed down through generations of Asian shemales.

The answer: They are all on The Pill.

One of the ways the ladyboys take hormones is to eat birth control pills, like “First” eats in the photo above. And THIS is why they don’t get pregnant.

Hard to believe I know, but most transsexuals take hormones to make themselves appear more like a woman with softer skin, hairless (or fewer hairs) bodies and in many cases it will even make them grow little titties that can actually squirt MILK! I’ll be posting more on “milking” at a later date.

The down side to taking hormones is, for many it results in a useless, limp, noodle between their legs. Another down side is it can make them go mental. Just imagine your girlfriend or wife while she is on her period and that is pretty much the same kind of chaos that happens when ladyboys take hormones. And that my friends is exactly the kind of shit that makes baby Jesus cry.

You learned something new today so consider the time you spent on this site well worth it. You can now amaze your friends (assuming you have any) at the dinner table. If by chance you tell them this and they “one-up you,” then wait until I post about “man milk” or what happens to their penis when they have a sex change and you will be victorious.