Ladyboy Bailout?

February 12, 2009 by  
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50% off all ladyboy pussy!

50% off all ladyboy pussy!

Word on the street is… Even the ladyboys are selling their ass at a discounted rate due to Thailand’s slump in tourism this year. Oh noz! Being the Captain-Save-A-Ho that I am and being that I don’t pay my taxes to contribute to help the poor multi-billion dollar companies in the USA who are dying a slow death, I figure I could use my contacts and do some help over here.


I contacted my people in the US government (as we all know Democrats LOVE ladyboys) and asked them for a bailout. I was told as soon as they finish bailing out Wall Street, all the banks, auto industry, airline industry, cleaning industry, logging industry, real estate companies, porn industry and the illegal alien smuggling industry, they may have a few bucks left they can send over here to feed these beautiful creatures who spend all of their money on crack, smokes and gambling.

I say send 25 billion dollars over here and let the ladyboys have it. It’d be gone in a week. Maybe less. But it will do just as much good over here as it will in Detroit with the big three auto makers. Hell, that much money could pay to have all the ladyboys in Thailand cut their cocks off AND still have enough money left over to party until a few hundred of them died from an OD.